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"Thanks for the email about your campaign to call out the emperor on his lack of clothes when it comes to standardized testing. I assume this movement is run by Mr. Thompson of Johnny Thompson Music, which makes me especially happy to know that someone who cherishes the value of music is a leader in this fight. For six years, I was assistant director of Pasadena Community Youth Orchestra and frequently utilized the products, services, and expertise of Johnny Thompson Music. I now live in Richmond, VA, and am a middle school math teacher. I am absolutely shocked, saddened, and disgusted by the degree to which standardized tests dictate education. I have written a few articles on the subject on my website, EducationWithaPurpose.com. I fully support your mission, and would be happy to help in any way I can."

Thank you,

Robert Regan, 02 November, 2014

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Parents and Students for Music and Arts, Vision for students - voice for parents

The Exposé Their Illegal U.S. Testing (the complete package)
A1 Unequal and Denied-Access Curriculum Cartoon
A2 300+ Unequal and Denied-Access Education Reference Links
A3 Teacher: "over tested zombies are invading my classroom"
A4 The Learning-Disadvantage Gap
A5 "Dances of the Imagination"
A6 Petition and Poster: Equal access to whole-student education
A7 Revealing Quotes from Educators, Politicians, parents and students
A8 "What-to-do tips" to join the "Stop High-Stakes Testing" Movement

Their Blind-Trust Testing Bubble

Posted by John C. Thompson on September 20, 2010

Their Big-Gov Unequal and Denied-Access and the Invisible Disadvantaged: Beware of the High-Stakes Education Rule: What is tested with “high-stakes” accountability gets taught; what is not tested gets unequal or denied-access. While the K-12 student of “socio-academic advantage” [high(er) test score] gets whole-student curriculum unequal access or can outsource to learn, the “invisible” disadvantaged [low(er) test score] learns to grow up with narrow, separate and disabling denied-access education (A4).

"At first they came for my neighbor's kid, but then they came for mine."   – John Charles Thompson, 2014 (adaptation from M. Niemöller, 1946)

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