Música y Cotizaciones Otras Artes

"Children learn better with arts as part of the curriculum. They learn all their subjects better. They're more engaged. Teacher attendance goes up. The child is happier; the teacher is happier.
-Jane Alexander, former chair of National Endowment for the Arts

"Together we can and should do better for America's students."

"I write to bring to your attention the importance of arts as a core academic subject and part of a complete education for all students."

"The Elementary and Secondary Act (ESEA) defines the arts as a core subject, and the arts play a significant role in children's development and learning process…The arts can help students become tenacious, team-oriented problem solvers who are confident and able to think creatively. These qualities can be especially important in improving learning among students from economically disadvantaged circumstances."

"Parents must demand and influence decision makers with grassroots advocacy."

"Most students are not having ethical access to the arts."

"Change must happen at the state and local levels."

"Educators must close the achievement gap and raise the bar with arts."
-Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education (taken from the 2009 teleconference and letter)

"Rhythm students learn math fractions easier."
-Neurological Research, March 165, 1999

"Music lessons help students more than computer training."
-Neurological Research, February 28, 1997

"Band members get better math, science and language grades."
-ETSU study by Daryl Erick Trent, 2000

"Substance abuse lowest in music students"
-Boston Chronicle, January 11, 1998

"Music making earns 'A's' with Americans."
-Gallup Organization, March 2000

"Music students score higher on SATs."
-The College Board, compiled by MENC, 2001, 1996

"Music training helps underachievers."
-American Music Conference

"Music makes brain grow."
-Nature, April 23, 1998

Famous Quotes

"All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have the opportunity to develop our talent."
-John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States

"I think my life in terms of music."
-Albert Einstein

"Great teachers affect eternity"

-Henry Brooks Adams, Historian

"Give a child a fish and you feed him/her for a day (teach to the test). Teach a child to fish and feed him/her for life (teach the arts)."